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The Daysh Foundation was established by Charlot, Stian and Alexander Daysh and aims to pursue projects internationally to the benefit of children. In this process we wish to engage as many volunteers as possible by implementing attractive and creative projects that anyone can contribute to regardless of their financial standing. We want to help give more people the feeling of doing something meaningful by giving everyone a chance to contribute.The Daysh Foundation collaborates with the community, volunteers, businesses and international organizations.


'The Slipper Project'  an international philanthropic project developed by The Daysh Foundation set out to donate hundreds self-knitted felted slippers to children’s orphanages in China.


We received great engagement from people around the world, and media outlets in both Norway and Australia reported on our project. A total of 241 pairs of slippers were sent to New Day Foster Home and their collabortative orphanges in January 2015, as well as a donation from our sponsor Scandinavian Fittings and Flanges AS (SFF). 







A big thank you to Scandinavian Fittings and Flanges AS (SFF) who sponsored the Slipper Project. Their contribution has gone towards little Charlotte's heart surgery. Charlotte was found on a roadside, and when her parents could not be located she was taken to the local orphanage.She was diagnosed as having a heart disease and a GI defect. Charlotte is now in the care of New Day Foster home in Beijing and awaits her heart surgery. 




Dowload the slipper recipe here:


English version      Norwegian version







Or see the recipe here:


English version










Norwegian version

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