Charlot is one of the best performers we have ever encountered .


Bente Harestad Haukaas  

Director / Theatrical Artist



Hyttegalskap (Feature)                       Anine - Principal                     Dir. Caroline Toledo, Frozen Film Productions

Døde menn går på ski (Feature)     Doctor – Principal                                              Dir. Daniel Anda, Skyline Studios 

The Snowman (Feature)                     Celebrity wife - Under-five          Dir. Tomas Alfredson, Universal Pictures

Trakassert (Short)                                 Christina - Supporting                    Dir. Joel Arellanes Duran, Klapper Films

La Belle Indifférence (Short)           Felicia - Lead                                                                                         Dir. Maja Waltré

The Café Date (Short)                          Julia – Supporting                                Dir. Tormod Noreng, Imaginary Studio

110 (Short)                                                 Benedicte - Supporting                      Dir. Ole Petter Haukaas, Spekter Film


Sunt og Godt (TV-series)                    Host – Lead                                                                     Dir. Odin Omland / TV Vest

Hotel Cæsar (TV-series)                     Sophia - Recurring Guest Star                           Metronome Spartacus / TV2

Bjerga Hotell (TV-series)                    Cindy - Guest Star                                                       Dir.  Rune Bjerga / TV-Vest   

Typisk deg (TV-series)                         Travel Agent - Guest Star                                Dir. Lasse Gretland / Teddy TV

Best Før (TV-series)                             Family Friend - Bit part                                                   Dr. Line Fougner / TV 2

Camp (TV-series)                                   Counselor - Bit part                                                      Matchbox Pictures / NBC

Theatre & Performance

Rumors (Theatre)                                   Cookie Cusack                                                                                  Pocket Theatre

Beltehelt (Live performance)            Superhero                                                                                                         Medvind

Stavanger in Style (Event)                  Co-host                                                                                                                   iWrap

Jr. Eurovision Song Contest             Self (Represented Norway)                         European Broadcasting Union

Melodi Grand Prix Jr.                             Self (Winner)                                                                                                            NRK

Vi Gleder Oss til Jul II (Musical)         Emma                                                                                                        Stavangeren

Vi Gleder Oss til Jul (Musical)             Emma                                                                                                        Stavangeren

Smånissene III (Musical)                       Charlotte / Santa´s little helper                                                 Sola Kulturhus       

Smånissene II (Musical)                        Charlotte / Santa´s little helper                                                 Sola Kulturhus

Smånissene (Musical)                            Charlotte / Santa´s little helper                                                Sola Kulturhus

Mai, Juni, Jul Igjen (Musical)               Lotti                                                                                                      Sola Kulturhus

Juletyven (Musical)                                  Martine                                                                                                              Kvadrat

Trallefalle Ralle Ra (Musical)                School Girl/Clown                                                           Stavanger Konserthus


     Education & Training

           The Norwegian Actors’ Centre – Studio X (Oslo, Norway)

           Bårdar Academy – Meisner Technique (Oslo, Norway)

           Oslo Theater Studio – Acting Techniques (Oslo, Norway)

           Stony Brook University – Acting / Theatre Arts (New York, USA)

           Bond University - Bachelor of Communication (Gold Coast, Australia)

Honorary Award Sola Council

Dean’s list for Academic Excellence

Bond University.

First in class award

Bond University

Melodi Grand Prix Jr. Winner



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harlot Daysh, from Stavanger, Norway, is half Norwegian and half English, speaking both languages fluently. Charlot started her acting career at the age of four, performing in an array of Norwegian musicals over almost a decade. At the age of eleven she won the Norwegian performance competition “Melodi Grand Prix Jr.” and represented Norway in the “Jr. Eurovision Song Contest” finals. She later went on to acting both nationally and internationally in a range of film, television and theatrical productions. Charlot additionally has modeling and TV presenting experience, she has also hosted a number of live events. Since the age of thirteen Charlot has also modeled, both nationally and internationally. Recruited by The Norwegian Show school, Charlot has held a number or acting and singing courses at their campus in Stavanger. 


In 2014, Charlot and her twin two brothers, Stian and Alexander Daysh, founded The Daysh Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that aims to promote child wellness. As well as being passionate about philanthropy, Charlot is a nutrition, yoga and meditation enthusiast.

Charlot has acting training and coursework from Stony Brook University, The Norwegian Actors Center, Bårdar Academy, and  Oslo Theater Studio.  She has a Bachelor of Communication with honors from Bond University, Australia and is currently writing her master thesis at Oslo Metropolitan University, researching the communication style of three of Norway´s most accomplished TV-hosts.

Charlot Daysh is an exceptional young woman of extraordinary talents in the area of acting and theatre.

Elizabeth Bojsza

Lecturer, Dept. Art & Theatre Arts Stony Brook University, New York

Charlot is one of the best performers we have ever encountered. She is an extremely gifted actress and singer. We feel grateful to have had the pleasure of working with her for so many years.

Bente Harestad Haukaas

Director / Theatrical artist

Charlot was a standout not only in the class, but also from the entirety of students I have taught in Acting thus far. 

Nancee Moes

Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. Art & Theatre Arts Stony Brook University, New York

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