Charlot Daysh has broad experience across the entertainment industry as an actor, host and producer, working on an array of productions internationally. Charlot started her career at the age of six, when she landed a prestigious part in a Norwegian musical, and continued to perform in musicals for almost a decade. At eleven years old she represented Norway in the Jr. Eurovision Song Contest, an accomplishement that earned her an honorary award from the major of her hometown Sola. Charlot later went on to working on a range of film and television productions.   

As well as having extensive training in performance art, Charlot has a master’s degree in Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in Communication. During her studies Charlot received two First in Class awards and a placement on The Deans List of Academic Excellence. 

In addition to being passionate about storytelling in all its forms, Charlot is a health and wellness advocate with a deep commitment to empowering others. Along with her brothers, Stian and Alexander Daysh, Charlot founded The Daysh Foundation, devoted to pursuing philanthropic projects around the world.  

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